Announcing New Manga Book Club!

I wanted to mention that the day before our next meeting, Wednesday, September 8, will be the very first gathering of the new Manga Comic Book Club I was asked to organize for the Crow Collection of Asian Art. You all are invited, and this group will meet less regularly than our own group. Running in “series,” the Manga Comic Book Club will meet in four-month intervals as a season. The first is this fall, meeting the second Wednesday of each month, and we will be spending the entire season reading all eight volumes of Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha (the first volume of which we read way back when in the Dallas Comic Book Club when it was still at the DMA). If you have been pining to read the whole series, you might want to come out. We’re reading two books for each month, so the first meeting next week covers Volume 1: Kapilavastu and Volume 2: The Four Encounters. More details can be found at the Crow site:

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